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  • promo-eclipse-2017 Learn and enjoy Eclipse 2017 - See the Solar Eclipse 2017! During the day of the Eclipse, we will have activities for the enjoyment of teachers, students of High School and University at our campus.
  • cierre-cs4girls CS4Girls Academy Closure - CS4Girls close ended successfully! The girls prepared to give a demonstration of each of their projects. They included videos and pictures, even thanked the great experience at UPRA.
  • dia9-promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 9 - The girls of CS4Girls, on their last day of academy mounted Bristlebots and decorated it creatively. They formed mustaches, butterflies, and many other things. They are really curious!
  • dia8-promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 8 - Today our girls learned about swarm robotics and Swarmathon. They used NetLogo and also had the opportunity to program innovative strategies to search for resource efficiency. In the afternoon, they experimented with the strategies learned and were part of a fun competition.
  • dia7-promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 7 - The assembly of robots with VEX Robotics platform was continued. The girls tested their knowledge of the previous day in the construction of their machines. They demonstrated teamwork and application of concepts. We continue the success!
  • promo-cs4girls CS4Girls Academy – Day 6 - We start our second week! Today our girls learned basic concepts about simple machines and gears. These topics are very important for successfully designing robots. In the afternoon they began to implement the concepts, building a new robot using the VEX Robotics platform. The adventure continu
  • CS4Girls Promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 5 - Our girls worked on Lego Mindstorms EV3, using sensors, learning and practicing on control structures using the challenges and applying everything learned. Also, they finished the day realizing the challenges "Exploration of the space" of Lego Mindstorms. CS4Girls participants also had the opportunity to do a solar observation and learn a little about astronomy; Safely, using personal glasses and telescopes. We have a great time and we are very surprised by the enthusiasm and passion with which this group of young people learn and enjoy the activities!
  • CS4Girls Promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 4 - Using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 native software, our participants had the opportunity to program the robots they put together yesterday. They started with simple engines and movements. After mastering the acceleration and turns, it was passed to sensors, ultrasound, contact, gyroscope and how to use them to change the behavior of the robot. After lunch, we went to the UPRA cinema where the movie "The Voyage of Curiosity" was presented. We hope our girls see the impact of robotics on space exploration.
  • CS4Girls Promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 3 - In the morning, our participants had the opportunity to work on their own 1 minute animation using the Alice 3 system. Then, after a little talk about the principles of robotics and NASA; Our girls made models of buildings, base, parts and vehicles of NASA Ground System Development and Operations (GSDO). At the end of the assembly, we move to the Lego Mindstorms workshop, where they will assemble a robot on the Mindstorms platform. This workshop aims to expose them to the different variables and what affects the assembly of a robot.
  • CS4Girls Promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 2 - Today we work with Alice 3, an object-oriented programming language that works in conjunction with its 3D modeling interface. Alice 3 allowed our participants to expose themselves to the basics of object-oriented programming by creating "stories" or "stories" they invented. The purpose of this activity is to familiarize our participants with programming concepts and paradigms that are similar across platforms and languages ​​that are used in academia as well as in industry.
  • CS4Gitls Promo CS4Girls Academy – Day 1 - We begin with the introduction to women in technology and the great opportunities that open up to the world of computing for Latina women. Also, we talked about the great motivation that prompted us to provide a summer academy for teenagers interested in this field; Since they are a minority. In addition to this, it was introduced to the RV in which they learned everything related to "3D Modeling"; As well as acquired experience and knowledge with the high technology of "Oculus". As if that were not enough, we culminated with the film of premiere: "Hidden Figures" in Library of UPRA. In short, it was a first day full of learning and fun!
  • Aeroespacial y Robótica Robotics and Aerospace Education Workshops - The workshop consists of students from the Institute of Gifted Students of San Juan, it's an experience in the Aerospace Laboratory and a Robotics introduction by the members of the RoDeL Laboratory. The group will be divided in two, to give the experience to one half in AEL and the rest in Robotics.
  • Promo Aeroespacial y Robótica Workshops: Aerospace Education and Robotics - Description: The workshop consists of giving students of the IMEI Private School of San Juan, an experience in the Aerospace Laboratory and an introduction to robotics by the members of the RoDeL laboratory. The group will be divided in two, half in AEL and the rest in Robotics, then they’ll switch. Lunch will...
  • Promo de AEL Workshop: Aerospacial Education (AEL) - Description: Aerospace Education Workshop for students of the Josefita Monserrate School from San Juan, 4th to 6th grades. In this experience, students will get to know about airplanes topics: how they work and jobs related to STEM involved in the process. There are 10 stations that simulate the preparation of...
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    The Integrated Science Multi-use Laboratory, at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo, is designed to promote education in science, mathematics, engineering and technology using diverse strategies. ISMul is mainly financed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) through de Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium (PRSGC) and works in an interdisciplinary fashion at different levels.