Computer Science for Girls


The Integrated Science Multi-use Laboratory (ISMuL) located in UPR Arecibo, looks to improve the quality of teaching strategies in Sciences and Mathematics with the goal of attracting more North region students to the Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology careers.

Computer Science for Girls 2016 lasted from June 20 2016 to July 1 2016. Photos of the camp can be found below.




  • Conferences and workshops about jobs that professionals do in the Computer Science world.
  • Interaction with college students and professionals experienced in science computations, who will share their experiences and serve as models.
  • Individual and team work with other participants to create your own 3D animation.
  • Individual and team work with other participants to create a robot and a program to solve a given problem.
  • Using UPRA facilities and particularly those of ISMuL.
  • Share with girls who have an affinity for computers.


  • Provide practical and basic experiences of Computer Science.
  • Encourage talented students to consider careers in computing, particularly sciences in computing.
  • Learn and share with your possible future fellow students and maintain contact for future activities.
For more information and steps to registration, access the following link: CS4Girls RoDeL

“CS4Girls 2016” Pictures