¡UPRA Gets Visit From Vieques!

STEM Workshops for Vieques’ Students During October 9 and 10, a group from the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico at Vieques will visit the ISMuL and AEL Laboratories at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. In this encounter students will receive workshops in Aerospace Education with Prof.…

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Chem Fest 2015

Description ISMuL UPRA Chem Fest is a festival to motivate Elementary School Students to appreciate chemistry. The students visit stations where they can take part from many different activities. Kids can experience and learn about Non-Newtonian fluids, electric conductivity in fruits, recycling, landfill environmental problems, exploding foam, surface tension and…

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Math Rally

Description Elementary school students visited different math related stations in which they played games while practicing skills in geometry, integer math operations, and problem solving. Date: Jueves, 23 de abril de 2015 Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 m.d. Audience: Estudiantes de Kinder a 5to grado Place: Universidad de Puerto Rico…

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First Robotics Academy

Audience Elementary School students Description The Integrated Science Multi-use Laboratory in coordination with the Departments of Mathemathics and Physics & Chemistry offers workshops of robotics to Elementary School students of the Educational Region of Arecibo in the facilities of ISMuL. The goal is  to create a pilot project to eventually work…

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LASED: New Videos on Galileoscope

Dr. Guillermo Nery, LASED (Leading Aerospace Educational Development) coordinator, made a series of videotutorials on the “modern version of the original telescope”, the Galileoscope. These tutorials show you how to ensemble, use and clean a Galileoscope. They are well explained and are easy to follow for teachers and students alike.

To watch these and future tutorials, go to LASED’s video site at:

Here are the Galileoscope Tutorials

How to ensemble a Galileoscope


How to clean a Galileoscope’s Lenses


Using a Galileoscope


Accessing the Galileoscopes website, www.galileoscope.org