WORA TV – NASA Engineers visit UPRA


WOLE – NASA GSDO 2017 Visit


WAPA TV – Professor Ángel Acosta and Dr. Eliana Valenzuela talk about the visit from NASA Engineers to the institution; also, about all STEM projects done on UPRA.

El Prof. Angel 'Albert' Acosta-Colon y la Dr. Eliana Valenzuela-Andrade hablando de las actividades de ISMuL-AEL y de nuestros departamentos en UPR-Arecibo en Noticentro al Amanecer Wapa TVUniversidad de Puerto Rico en Arecibo (UPRA)

Posted by Departamento de Física y Química UPR-Arecibo on martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

NASA: Events and links of interest

Promo Eventos y Enlaces NASA 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 1. Preview Show for the Solar Eclipse 2017    ¡Inside the Kennedy Space Center! 1. Ivette Aponte (Puerto Rican Engineer)   2. José O. Pérez (Puerto Rican Engineer – Senior Project Manager in NASA)   Spaceport Magazine (KSC) 1. Information: Spaceport Magazine is a monthly NASA publication that…

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LASED: New Videos on Galileoscope

Dr. Guillermo Nery, LASED (Leading Aerospace Educational Development) coordinator, made a series of videotutorials on the “modern version of the original telescope”, the Galileoscope. These tutorials show you how to ensemble, use and clean a Galileoscope. They are well explained and are easy to follow for teachers and students alike.

To watch these and future tutorials, go to LASED’s video site at:

Here are the Galileoscope Tutorials

How to ensemble a Galileoscope


How to clean a Galileoscope’s Lenses


Using a Galileoscope


Accessing the Galileoscopes website,


Video: Get to know ISMuL (2015)

Recently we created this documentary so people can learn about the services and we offer here at ISMuL. Discover what’s in for you, whether workshops or conferences, the Aerospace Education Laboratory, or our Academies. Here you can also appreciate the impact of our academies and other events over our students.