Robotics Academy 2014

From October 4 to November 8 2014

The Robotics Academy is a series of hands on workshops for middle schoolers to learn on the origins of robotics, its development and experience building on educational robotics platforms.

Participants will have the chance to interact with LEGO Mindstorms and program on a computer. The student will manipulate the microprocessor, motors, sensors and a variety of pieces from the LEGO Mindstorms kit to solve specific problems.

Finally, students will learn to program such robots using a simple graphical language, based on icon manipulation, which will give them the base knowledge to understand concepts related to robotics, physics, mathematics. On the last day of reunion students will have a chance to work on a project they’ll present at the last day of reunion.


  • Expose through practice and concepts in different disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, electronics, and computer programming in a fun way by “playing” with robots.
  • Develop and promote teamwork to solve problems by multitasking
  • Motivate the creativity and talent of children, promoting communication between teams, so they can successfully design their own robots in a response to the presented tasks.


  • Dr. Eliana Valenzuela Andrade
  • Prof. Jesús Hernández