¡UPRA Gets Visit From Vieques!

STEM Workshops for Vieques’ Students


During October 9 and 10, a group from the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico at Vieques will visit the ISMuL and AEL Laboratories at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. In this encounter students will receive workshops in Aerospace Education with Prof. Guillermo Nery, Robotics with Prof. Eliana Valenzuela, and Geology with Prof. Ángel Acosta. Students will also visit the Arecibo Observatory, where they’ll take a workshop on Exoplanets with Prof. Abel Mendez and tour the facilities of the Observatory.

This initiative is made possible through the collaboration of ISMuL’s Workshops’ participant teachers from the East region of the island, who offered their help to bring these students and give them the chance to experience the activities that we offer at ISMuL and AEL.